1. Is it safe for me as a female to travel alone around morocco?

Yes, since Morocco is one of the safest countries around the world. One thing to be taken into consideration is that the outfit in the countryside side should be more decent than what you wear in the city.

2. What is the best time of the year to travel around Morocco?

It’s more enjoyable to travel around Morocco from late September to late June. Although, some people prefer summer time.

3. How is the weather at the Sahara desert?

From October to February, it’s slightly cold at night so you should be ready with heavy clothes. But from May the night is refreshing.

4. Should I take all my luggage with me on the camel ride?

In our nomad tents, you’ll find all the equipment that’ll help make your trip easier. So there’s no need for that. only take few things for the desert night.

5. Is there a plan for a car travel mixed with a one night with a camel trek in The Magic Lamp tours service?

For sure, When you get to Merzouga , we’ll be glad to provide you with all the information you need to know about the desert camel trip.

6. Is it possible for me to form my own trip, ‘Cause I couldn’t find the tour I want in the suggested samples?

Sure, and with the help of our professional team you’ll have all the preparations you need. Also you are allowed to change anything anytime.

7. What about family prices?

Absolutely, our agency has reasonable discounts for families.

8. How long does the camel ride take?

It takes less than two hours to reach to the tents. Also you can easily take wonderful pictures on the camel.

9. Do I need travel insurance when travelling to Morocco?

Yes, that’s better. However, all cars in our country have insurance and we insure the safety of our guests.

10. Are your tours privately suggested?

Yes, except for the group tours. Keep in touch with our Agency for information about tours and prices. With Magic Lamp Tours, your trip will definitely be the best.